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Environmental Assessment Process

This project was carried out under the requirements of the Class Environmental Assessment for Provincial Transportation Facilities (2000) for Group "B" projects.

There was opportunity at any time throughout this project for public input. Public Information Centres provided residents, members of the public and interest groups an opportunity to review, comment and discuss the project with members of the project team. The PICs were 'drop in' format with representatives from the Ministry of Transportation and MRC in attendance, to address any questions regarding this project.

A Design and Construction Report (DCR) for each Contract was completed and made available to the public for review and comment. Interested persons were encouraged to review these documents and provide comments. Notification of the submission for each DCR were published in local newspapers and posted on this web site at that time.

As the project progressed individual consultation was held with the relevant external agencies, municipal representatives, local community groups and business representatives. A representative, knowledgeable in heavy lift process, was in attendance at the PICs to address any questions regarding the rapid replacement technique.

All comments received, with the exception of personal information, will become part of the public record. Subsequent to the filing of the Transportation Environmental Study Report (TESR), during the Preliminary Design Stage, a 'bump-up' request regarding the potential environmental impacts at the proposed construction staging area in Hampton Park, was submitted to MTO. MTO reviewed the list of issues and recommended conditions. The Ministry has agreed to the conditions of protecting the local natural feature at the construction staging area, and restoring the area back to its original condition. The 'bump-up' request was then withdrawn. Thereafter, the TESR received environmental clearance in July 19, 2005, and this project was no longer eligible for "bump-up" (i.e. Part II Order) requests.

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